Welcome to the etika trust; a charity that underpins the core values within the wider etika family. The trust offers bespoke solutions to complex issues both in the UK and India. There are three key objectives (set out below) that drives the etika trust, these goals are met via education and empowerment programmes, where we shine a light on modern day slavery throughout the fast-fashion industry.

Wear the Change

Wear the Change workshops are designed for aged 5 & 6 year groups, a bespoke programme for the children can gain first-hand knowledge of how fairer supply chains should operate. We also address the issue of removing single use plastics from the uniform supply chain. The children can meet the people who produced their uniforms via video links and their school will  be coupled with a school in India to gain cross-cultural understandings.

Empowerment through Enterprise

We work closely with several charities in India who provide a safe place for vulnerable women who are survivors of domestic abuse. We create employment and provide these women with the skills to produce reusable cotton bags from supply overstocks and offcuts stock, donated by UK and India corporates. These are the bags we use when you place your order for your school uniforms, therefore reducing the use of and movement of plastic around the planet.

Community Development

We look to develop a true relationship with schools to gain a better understanding of the families in need and how we can best support them. Every child in the UK should have the opportunity to wear an ethical uniform regardless of their postcode. We offer families simple support systems including Parent Pay, where parents have access to our online saving scheme and the company often provides discount codes to allow their children to wear new ethical uniforms.

Many UK school uniforms are made in Bangladesh:

Garment workers in Bangladesh

The average garment worker earns around £2.28 per day

Uniforms made in Bangladesh

The workers are expected to work    12-hours per day

Workers in Bangladesh

85% of the workforce in the garment industry are women

How to get involved

The etika trust are always looking for companies, schools, or individuals to get involved and help support our programmes here in the UK or in India. For more information, please contact us at info@etikauniforms.co.uk, so you can start making an ethical difference.

Registered Charity Number: 1170670