An etika school

Most the UK’s primary school uniforms are manufactured in appalling conditions in some of the poorest countries in the world, where the workers are paid well below that country’s basic salary cap. etika believes that once schools and parents are aware of this issue, they would want to know more about the people who produce their uniforms. So, if your school would want to know about becoming an etika school, please have a look at the benefits below.

Uniform donations

We work closely with local authorities to identify families who are struggling, Council grants are available and etika top-ups with extra uniforms for those parents in hardship.

Wear the Change workshops

Your pupils can take part in wear the change workshops gaining an understanding of an ethical supply chain and the difference they have made by wearing ethically sourced uniforms.

Easy payment scheme

Your parents will have the opportunity to benefit from our unique easy payment scheme. Spreading the cost of purchasing their children’s uniforms by making regular payments throughout the year.